Operation "Market Garden" +73 Years
September 2017 was the month of the 73rd anniversary of Operation "Market Garden", the Allied plan to end World War Two in 1944.
73 Years after Operation "Market Garden", several events were held in the Dutch provinces of Gelderland and North-Brabant to commemorate the liberation of the towns and cities along Hell's Highway from the Belgian border South of Eindhoven North to Arnhem and beyond. BattleDetective.com witnessed some of these events commemorating this battle. Below we report our findings of "Operation Market Garden 1944-2017".
Saturday, September 2nd 2017
Today saw the 71st edition of the annual Airborne March at Oosterbeek in which we participated for the 14th time.

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71st Edition of the annual Airborne March

Sunday, September 17th 2017
Two weekends later we attended a special book dropping and subsequent presentation event of “Burning Bridges” and “Bridges are Ours” (D-Day Publishing; ISBN 978-2-9540297-3-3 / 6) by Michel DeTrez and Peter Hendrikx at Klein Amerika outside of Groesbeek near Nijmegen.

During a special introduction event on one of the original Drop Zones of the American 82nd Airborne Division, two brand new books, “Burning Bridges” (volume 1) and “Bridges Are Ours” (volume 2) were presented. Two sticks of jumpers of the Round Canopy Parachuting Team carried several sets of books with them during their descent. The publication contains 976 pages and over 1,600 photographs describing the actions of the 82nd Airborne Division during Operation “Market Garden”.

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Our friends of Yank Reenactment provided transportation to the DZ

Burning Bridges” deals with the preparations in the marshalling areas in England, the activities of the Pathfinders, the boarding of the aircraft by all parachute and glider troops followed by the actual drops and landings at the DZ's and LZ’s as well as the first two days of combat. The landings of the 505th and 508th Regiments on DZ's "N" and "T" in Groesbeek, east of Nijmegen are also covered.
"Bridges are Ours" begins with the fight for the Nijmegen bridges. When the German defenders would not give in, the 504th Regiment was ordered to cross the Waal River in small boats, one of the most heroic actions of World War Two. The book continues with the defensive battles of various units of the division. The final chapter provides a critical assessment of the leading commanders of Operation "Market Garden".

The first copy was presented to Clinton E. Riddle, "B" Company, 325th Glider Infantry Regiment.
Clinton is seen here on the left, sitting next to Medic John R. Coates, "C" Company, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

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John initialed his photo on page 410 of the book:

We had our copy of both volumes signed by the authors and then quickly hurried to the Area of Operations of the 101st Airborne Division for the annual “Remember September” wreath laying ceremonies of the Society of Dutch Airborne Friends.

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Michel Detrez (l.) and Peter Hendikx (r.) signed our copy

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An impression of the ceremonies held at
Sint-Oedenrode, Son, Eindhoven, Best, Heeswijk-Dinther and Eerde

Monday, September 18th 2017
This evening we went to see the closing part of the annual Torch Parade commemorating the liberation of Eindhoven on September 18th 1944. We also attended the subsequent reception in the city hall.

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Torch Parade and Reception at Eindhoven's City Hall

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